HD Stock Footage - A Video Production Game-Changer

People who produce videos, whether for marketing presentations, indie films, amateur film makers or blockbuster Hollywood films have taken advantage of stock video footage for years. There are lots of ways to utilize stock footage, from direct integration into the video to using it as a background prop. Until recently, the only stock footage producers had access to was standard NTSC type clips but with advances in technology and the increasing popularity and availability of high definition, HD stock footage is becoming the "gold standard" for use in productions large or small.

Granted, standard video footage still has plenty of uses in both presentations and in movies. With the intensity and quality that HD stock footage has, however, those clips have fewer and fewer uses. Since HD has become so popular, most people now have access to widescreen monitors and TV's so putting together video presentations and shows for use on the web has become increasingly popular as well.

Anyone who has compared the video quality of HD versus standard video knows just how dramatic the differences are. Not only do you have the full aspect ratio you'd expect in a movie theater but the video quality is undeniable. By using stock HD footage from a football game, almost every blade of grass on the ball field can be counted, footage of animals in nature are more lifelike than ever before, and the cooking shows are so detailed that you start to drool. That's why incorporating HD video into your productions is so important.

The main point to any video production is to get someone to notice it then to stay put until you've gotten your "story" told. Even sales video presentations have that as their main goal, although their "story" is about the company's products and services. HD footage enables you to put together a very powerful, dramatic production without having to shoot every frame of it and have it edited down into something usable. With the great selection of high definition footage available, you won't have any trouble finding exactly what you need for your production.

Perhaps the best part of using stock footage is the fact that it saves. Not only does it save you time since you don't have to shoot all your own footage but it saves you money as well. Since all you have to do is basically drag and drop the clip into your production software, there are few, if any production modifications that have to be made to it. Reduced labor costs, reduced production costs and amazing footage makes utilizing stock footage in HD a total win-win for your video production.

Using HD video clips can make a world of difference when you are putting together a presentation you want to wow everyone with. Lewis Williamson found a great stock video library he could use anytime he needed a good clip.

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